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Meet Your Agent!

Alexander Diaz

As an insurance agent under Basani Financial, Alex is devoted to not only understanding his clients needs and goals, but also providing them with benefits that align with those goals. Basani Financial being his first firm, he intends to use the company's resources to grow his knowledge and industry expertise so that he can better serve his clients now and in the future.

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My Story

Having been one of the first in his family to be born in the US, Alex understood the difficulties that came with immigrating to a new country. He watched his parents go from having barely enough money for food to buying a house and investing in their retirement. Coming from a family with a strong work ethic, Alex began his first summer job at the young age of 14 and learned the value of a dollar.

Working for everything he has, Alex understood the amount of time and effort that goes into securing assets and protecting them. Before entering the insurance industry, he researched how insurance companies worked and learned that not all are equal. He came to the understanding that the best way to provide clients with something that fit their situation was to work with multiple carriers.

Alex believes customer service is one of the most important attributes to success. He believes that, like him, his clients had to put in the time and effort into securing assets and protecting them. He believes that in order to provide great service, he needs to serve his clients benefits that would protect them and provide them with peace of mind.