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Devin Wheatley

Devin is an agent with Basani Financial who has been known for his strong commitment to clients. He is very resourceful and makes a strong effort to cater to his clients need. Extremely service based, Devin takes initiative to provide extra value for his clients.

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My Story

Devin started his entrepreneurship journey as a personal trainer and quickly realized that he had a passion for making a difference in people lives. In 2020, Devin experienced homelessness for the first and last time and decided to change his life for the better of himself and those around him. Being homeless had a strong impact on Devin, having to sleep in his car and constantly struggle for money it was extremely challenging for him. Devin's situation was not the result of drugs or crime, but was rather the result of making poor financial decisions. Having a clean record and a dedication to turn his life around he applied himself to ensure he could have a better future for himself and his family. 

Devin has chosen to commit his life to preventing extreme financial hardships for families and excels in his position as he is able to empathize and truly understand his clients given his previous situation. A strong understanding of financial products and strategies allows him to prevent his mistakes in the past. 


Devin spends a lot of time with his family and friend sand certainly enjoys providing clients with the extensive product portfolio in Basani Financial. He is a strong team player, and is extremely dedicated to his pursuit of knowledge and client welfare.