Jimel Bronson

Currently a Manager with Karma Financial, Jimel is a industry veteran who began working in the financial services industry right out of high school. With a strong passion for protecting as many families as possible, he using it as a driving force in everything that he does. 


My Story

Coming from a small family, Jimel quickly realized that there’s not much more important in this life than family. And with that realization he dedicated his life to do what ever he could to ensure his family’s success. Jimel’s adaptability and drive has helped him progress in this industry at record pace.


Jimel started in the industry at 18 years old and quickly absorbed as much information as he possibly could, allowing him to find the best ways to protect as many families as possible. 


Jimel joined forces with Karma Financial because he really believed in their drive to protect as many families as possible the usual high pressure sales tactics.