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Mariam Henfling

As an Independent Broker, Mariam has found a niche in protecting families that once thought getting coverage was unattainable, be it finances or health complications. Coming from a diverse background in Entrepreneurship, Event Planning, Public Relations, and a short hiatus to raise three incredible boys, she's been back and taking over the financial industry! Being a competitive force in past ventures, Mariam is geared with all the knowledge and expertise you need in finding the right fit for your family. As education has always been a passion, her goal is to educate as many clients and other brokers as possible. To make sure they and their families are protected on the worst day ever, and to make sure they understand the benefits to leveraging and smart financial decisions. It's never too late to start!


My Story

Mariam was born in Michigan, but traveled most of her life. As a child, her family lived in the Middle East, Brazil, and England. After high school, Mariam chased all internships, different colleges, and opportunities she could get her hands on traveling the US. These experiences and learning opportunities have given Mariam a wide variety of what she can do!


But just so you know why, Mariam chose this specific industry. She is vested, personally. Her grandparents were basically her parents. Her protectors, the ones that took care of her. They taught her so much but they didn't make any end of life plans. They had strokes 4 months apart. All medical and financial responsibility fell on Mariam. Mariam moved them in with her and even with how hard and how expensive it was, she wouldn't change any of it. Both funerals cost over $17,000 each. 


Mariam’s goal is to protect as many families from her experience, and make the hard times easier.


At Karma financial we are one team on a mission. Mariam also loves helping new agents acclimate to this exciting industry! Message with questions!