As agents & advisors ourselves we understand first hand the struggle that agents face when finding leads. We have tried every and any lead across platforms and have realized there were so many things that needed improving. 

Our Goal was to provide the highest quality leads for our agents and create success for our agency across the nation. We did not take any shortcuts and reduce quality because we depend on our agents as they depend on us. 

Now we are providing BFG Exclusive leads at an affordable cost to the public to empower financial professionals everywhere!

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Final Expense

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Reliable Final expense telemarketing leads are getting harder and harder to get. They’re also losing their quality. Many of the leads you see today use callers with a foreign accent which almost immediately kills the conversion and rapport. There is also a lack of data and repeated calling of the same data and a greater rate of reputable vendors re-selling leads.

That is why we created our own elite team of callers to help create high-quality leads for our team. Our team are fluent in English and use BFG approved scripts that are designed to support the agent in setting more appointments. They have extensive knowledge on the Final Expense Market to allow for a conversation, rather than a scripted phone call.

We filter this data according to specific state, county or zip code you select and target demographics between the ages of 50-85 years old.

Lead Includes

Full name, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Address, City, Zip, State, Favorite Hobby, Major medical issues in the past 2 years, Beneficiary, and Coverage Plan Requested.

Our data is scrubbed and TCPA compliant and in compliance with Do not call list

Clients are informed they will be contacted within 3-4 days by a licensed representative

100% Exclusive as we do not resell or distribute.

All sales are final! No Refunds!

Speedy Delivery Within 7 Business Days!

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