Our Promise to you

We are a family owned company that strives to get families the coverage they need at the best rate possible. There is no doubt that insurance, healthcare, and planning retirement are all confusing things. It takes years to become a qualified expert in each of these fields. Too often we see people taken advantage of by large companies that put themselves before their client's needs. As a result, we see many people fail to reap the full benefits of their policies and lose trust in the industry. We are here to change that. We offer the largest portfolio of products to allow our customers to qualify for the lowest rates and best returns instead of the one size fits all method. We come directly to you and offer our undivided efforts to ensure that you and your family are taken care of for today and the future. Most importantly, we are here to serve our community with the highest degree of integrity and give back. Many of the clients we see currently have policies that simply do not match their needs and fail to deliver in value. We have saved individuals and businesses millions of dollars over their lifetime with our programs and services. Our promise to you is give you the best financial solutions in the world.  

Our Founders

Lexi Lombardi

Office Manager

After dominating in many top-level agencies and financial institutions Sumedh has been able to pave a poth for others to become industry leaders. In such a short amount of time Sumedh has proven himself to be one of the top experts in the financial services industry and has been able to help and serve many people because of it.  


Sumedh Basani


A proven mentor and expert in the financial services, Mahdi has created a powerful reputation in the insurance industry. Ranked as the top agent nationally multiple times Mahdi has serviced a multitude of clients and currently works with agents to educate, serve, and protect more clients.

Managing General Agent

Mahdi Delshad

Managing General Agent

Meet The Team


Nathan Macewan

Supervising Agent


Preeti Attar

Benefits Specialist


Amber Knapp



Joeseph Lanciotti

Financial Professional


Gustavo Garcia

Benefits Specialist 


Gabriel Mercado

Financial Professional


Nicolas Sidari

Financial Advisor


Hamza Ayad

Benefits Specialist


Loua Farunia

Supervising Agent


Muhammad Iwais

Financial Representative


Mahdi Delshad

Managing Agent


Ariela Cakaj