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Tyler Gallo

Tyler is currently a Brokerage Agent at Basani Financial. He is passionate about helping people and introducing financially viable options for them to protect their future and create security for their families. 

Tyler has thrived in building relationships with his clients and getting them what they need. Tyler's care for the client’s best interest and his need to make a positive difference in people's lives. 

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My Story

Coming from Cleveland Ohio, Tyler grew up with his twin brother. Tyler understands how important family is and very soon looks to build his own. His passion for protecting families stems from his own desire to protect and secure his future family's lifestyle. Tyler enjoys working with clients on financial and lifestyle needs to grow the household in all aspects. He has been a health coach for many years and has advocated healthy lifestyle choices to improve his client's well-being. Tyler saw firsthand how certain health conditions were caused by unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise. This pushed him to learn more about health conditions and important factors to increasing the quality of someone's life.


He is someone who sees the big picture and educates other on the importance of setting up for retirement. This desire to help families grow led him to the financial services industry where he believes he can make an even bigger impact.