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Taylor Palko

Taylor is someone who excels within a structured company. She is aggressive for her clients and demands the absolute best. Having demonstrated an extreme aptitude in the financial services industry and a natural initiative to consistently update herself and her clients on product changes. Due to Taylor's drive and immense dedication to clients she has moved into an early management position and now trains agents on products in her time outside helping clients. 

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My Story

Taylor is someone who enjoys the simple things in life. She is someone who is passionate about her work and performs well in an environment that allows her to focus on her clients. Taylor has worked at other insurance companies and has found her home at Basani Financial for a few reasons. These include the immense product platform, high level of resources, and the advanced agent training. The unique combination of these three things allow Taylor to become the best agent she can. 

Taylor builds unique relationships with her clients and goes above and beyond for each and every one of them. She not only helps them in their financial portfolio but takes the time to assist them in other problems. Taylor cares for her clients beyond work, and clients are always extremely satisfied with her perseverance to get them the best setup. 

It is very rare that we find agents that build such strong and long lasting relationships with clients. We believe Taylor's ambition and need to help clients allows her to be the best agent she possibly can be. 

Outside of work Taylor spends a great deal of time traveling and spending time with her boyfriend. She enjoys nature, animals, and picking up new hobbies.